articles10 Things You Should (and Shouldn’t!) Do During a New Moon

Every month the Universe gives us a little present that can be easy to miss. In fact, some may even call this gift “hidden,” as it’s mostly invisible from the Earth for a few hours. This lovely present is called the new moon and it happens every 28-30 days.

In astrological terms, the new moon is one of the moon phases when the sun and moon conjunct or meet at the same degree in the heavens—the sun shines behind the moon, thus blocking us from its view. The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and most importantly, the beginning of some new changes for you! For that reason, new moons are ideal for self-reflection, course correction, and goal-setting.

11 Things You Should (and Shouldn’t!) Do During a New Moon

Interestingly enough, most people are unconsciously aligned with this energy, tending to create and start new habits, projects and changes in their life around the monthly new moon. That’s cool. What’s even cooler is when you consciously start taking that energy to the next level. And you’re in luck because we have the top seven things you can do during the new moon each month, as well as four things you should try to avoid. With this knowledge in hand, you can go out and make the most of this glorious period. Make it happen!

6 Things to Do During a New Moon

Set a Worthwhile Intention

Every month we are so fortunate to be given an extra boost of intention setting energy with the new moon. Why not use it to really focus on one or two intentions that you’re passionate about? Take some time and craft out intentions that are clear, concise, and as specific as you can. An example of this is: “obtain a new job that brings me passion with a higher salary than I have now.” This intention is clear and specific. It shows the universe that you value salary and excitement in your next career step. Another example is: “pass the bar exam on my next try.” This tells the universe what you wish to do and the timeline you would like for it to happen.

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