articlesWhat is the best cat breed for your zodiac sign?

Scorpio: Scottish Fold

You Scorpios are hard eggs to crack, which is probably why you’re so misunderstood! People feel your presence without you bothering to verbalize much, and you certainly are a keen observer. Getting to know you isn’t easy, but, once it’s done, your friends have a fiercely loyal companion for life, much like the cat that best suits you, Scorpio – the adorably weird Scottish Fold.

Underneath these felines’ rather unusual appearance lies a best friend with a heart of gold. Yes, a Scottish Fold can hear and move their ears like any other cat, and they do so to communicate their desires effectively. Their movements are odd, too, as they tend to splay out on the floor or contort their bodies in ways most cats don’t, but that adds to their charm. These smart, moderately active cats enjoy anything that challenges their intelligence, and in turn will look to you for guidance. A Scottish Fold is down with anything that involves human interaction – once you’ve earned their trust, that is.

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