articlesZodiac Signs That Should Never Date Each Other

Aquarius: You Shouldn’t Date Taurus

Aquarius thrives when they can be truly independent, but Taurus treats their relationships like a prize to keep close. Aquarius will feel restricted by a relationship with Taurus, and the more Aquarius tries to gain distance, the more firmly Taurus will tighten their hold. The relationship will end when Aquarius lashes out and says something that activates Taurus’ capacity to hold a grudge for years.

Pisces: You Shouldn’t Date Gemini

Pisces values harmony and Gemini does, too — until their evil twin rears their head and starts chaos. Gemini needs to be with a partner who can hold space for their dualities, and Pisces needs to find someone who values their message of everlasting peace. If these two signs can really be honest with one another, then it can work, but first, they’d need to stop projecting so much on one another. And that might never happen.

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