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Are you using up all of your energy trying to make other people happy? Not only is this a bad idea, it’s an attitude that will only leave you unhappy, which is unacceptable. Today, reserve your energy for your own issues, and don’t worry that someone will think you’re selfish. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first once in a while. Your life is your journey, and if you’re never taking the care to make it enjoyable, then you’re doing it wrong.

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You secretly wonder how anyone could love you if they knew about your goofy habit or dark secret or weird hobby. The real question is haven’t you learned to love this aspect of yourself? And if not, why not?

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What’s good about your relationship can get better right now if you’re willing to throw the full weight of your joint effort behind it. It’s a wonderful moment for you to shape up the house or get ahead on some tasks.


You’re used to the intensity and yes, even upheaval associated with the deadline before you. But can you really afford any more of those particular emotions? You may find you’ve had enough, and reach a level of acceptance that’s more valuable than gold.



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