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Today, any first impressions you are going to make will be very important, and your ambition requires you to play along with some political games. Use a classic combination of calm and cool to help you take advantage of a gigantic opportunity when it appears in front of you later in the afternoon. Don’t show how enthusiastic you really are right away. Save that for when you are celebrating later with friends. An objective demeanor will be called for most of the day.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re on the prowl and looking at dating profiles, focus on the eyes. They’ll reveal everything. If you’re searching for something and don’t see it in the eyes, this is going nowhere. If it’s meant to be, the potential will be obvious.

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The focus isn’t on you, but on the two of you. Actually, the stars say to go beyond that and think about how you relate to all the other important people in your life. Are you starting to see some patterns?


You need to be hyper aware of the clues the universe is sending you. It’s a shame they’re not clearer, but don’t expect them to tap you on the shoulder or wake you from a deep sleep. Pay attention if you want to get so much as a lucky windfall, let alone make a good pick.



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