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Now that you’ve actually been given a chance to sit back and relax, don’t mess around. You’re officially off duty tonight, so why not indulge in some serious leisure, with lots of good food, stupid movies, and fun friends? And don’t so much as lift a finger. That’s what your guests are for. Let someone else pick up the slack for once. You’ve been working your tail off and deserve total and complete relaxation.

Singles Lovescope

Why say yes or no when you can issue a tantalizing maybe? The stars say it’s smart to keep your romantic options open right now, even more so than usual.

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You’re so excited about something new that it might be all you can think about. Remember, though, that sometimes your significant other may require a little more time and information to get all fired up.


It’s fun keeping little secrets. After all, a chuckle here or there is harmless. But when you sit back and watch while someone heads right toward a financial cliff, it’s a bit hard to stomach. You’re better off shouting a warning, even if it means blowing your cover.



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