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Avoid anything that even remotely looks like a power struggle today. There are some big egos in the fight, and some of them like to play dirty. If you get involved in any of the mudslinging, even if you jump in just to quiet it down, you’ll get covered in dirt yourself. Your ability to play peacemaker is strong, but you don’t have to employ it every time you see two or more people clashing. Consider what is best for you. Let them argue things out and find their own solution.

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You’re in the mood to shop. There might be lots of bargains, but just because something is cheap doesn’t mean you need it. Practice restraint and save some money for a fun date.

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Today, you need to really force yourself to do what you want to do, no matter who doesn’t like it. That includes your partner. If they know which way is up, they’ll support your decision.


Waste not, want not. Having your mind on finances is the wrong way to spend the day. Since you can’t do anything about it anyway, spend your time wisely by enjoying yourself instead.



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