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You could be asked to give someone some tough advice today, and you should be careful not to be too dogmatic about what you say. Preaching will get you nowhere with them. They will just shut their ears and regret that they ever asked you. Instead, take into consideration that this person, while they are specifically asking for your help, does not see life the same way you see it. Customize what you tell them with their lifestyle in mind. Speak in big, broad terms.

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Your self-control might be slipping and discretion giving way to mere lust. Strike a balance between your ideal fantasy life and the reality that suits you best.

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If something feels bad in your relationship today, stop and ask yourself what’s really going on. Is it possible that your imagination has run wild and created a situation that’s not there? Don’t act until you’ve reflected on it for a while.


When money was flowing, it felt like it was due to your hidden talents. Could it have just been global circumstances instead? The only way to know for sure is to try to pull some cash out of your sleeve.



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