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Ordinarily, under circumstances like these, you’d probably feel a bit antsy; actually, you’d feel really antsy. As if someone were trying to clip your wings. That, of course, wouldn’t be much fun, and you wouldn’t stand for it — unless, of course, you were already sweet on the person with the clippers. In which case, you’d probably stretch out your wings and show them where to start clipping.

Singles Lovescope

As you work your charms on someone new, don’t overdo it. It can be tempting to show off all your talents at once with someone special, but you could come off as desperate. Relax and be yourself.

Couple Lovescope

It’s a great time for you to get advice from your friends. They’re going to speak plainly and should have some great insights to share with you. Let their words sink in before you act on them.


Subliminal issues can work for you or against you. Fear of failure is a popular topic of conversation, but other subliminal fears can motivate you to action instead of inaction. Yours is lighting a fire under you today and you can’t stop working toward success.



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