Daily Forecast Aquarius 05-16


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One of the groups you belong to has been feeling like an imposition in your life for a while, but today you can expect this obligation to start to feel more like something you’re lucky to be a part of. You’re feeling much more in sync with these other group members, so if you’re contacted by one of them today, give them as much time as you possibly can. They need to get a dose of the good, common-sense medicine that you provide on a consistent basis.

Singles Lovescope

You should find it easy to get what you want today. Go ahead and share your secrets of success with a good pal! Having a sidekick makes the game all the more fun.

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You and your partner may have different ideas for how to handle a situation. Give them your full attention when they explain their thoughts. Being adaptable will make the day go more smoothly.


Promises, promises — you need more than words. Poetry and a good dinner don’t take the place of cash, but at least they’re pleasant substitutes. It could be time to settle.



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