Daily Forecast Aquarius 05-21


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Don’t even try to hide your feelings from the ones you love and who love you. The mood you’re in is the one that inspired that ancient phrase about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Basically, if it’s on your mind, it will be quite obvious to one and all. The good news is that right now that’s just fine. What goes around comes around.

Singles Lovescope

If you’ve been putting a lot of energy into romantic matters, consider a new conservation policy, at least for now. Spend some thought and care on yourself. You deserve it.

Couple Lovescope

Your loved one may be trying to work something out but hesitant to ask you for help. Volunteer your assistance in anything they need. They’ll be immensely grateful to you.


No one in their right mind would start any new plans or projects this week. But that’s the mad genius behind your money making machine peaking out from behind the curtains. Go for it.



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