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There is a heightened level of sensitivity around you today, which means that your words carry extra weight. Be aware that what you say will have a bigger impact than you may intend. Any feedback you give could be treated like a directive, so make sure you offer constructive criticism instead of just focusing on what’s wrong. Overall, you’ll have to put more thought into how you communicate and make a bigger effort to be diplomatic. It’s a good skill to master anyway.

Singles Lovescope

Top speed is one way to approach love, but you may want to hit the brakes at least for now. Alone time may help you clear your head and get in touch with your innermost feelings.

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The solution is simple, really. You can either continue treading water upstream or you can relax and go with the current. If you choose the latter, any problems will dissolve before this relationship plummets over the falls.


You have the ultimate say when it comes to what to do with your money, but that means you’re ultimately responsible for it, too. You’re perfectly happy with that kind of authority. After all, you know best.



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