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You are no stranger to being generous with your money, but how generous are you with your time? Make more of an effort to spend time with people who need your special guidance — whether it’s a coworker, younger person in your life, or relationship partner. Not everyone is as independent a learner as you are, so you cannot expect them to pick things up as quickly as you do. The good news is that every extra minute you spend with someone will be rewarded with a deeper level of connection.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re indecisive about an important issue, now is the time to ask friends for their advice. They won’t steer you wrong as long as they have all the facts. Don’t hold back information just to avoid embarrassment.

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You get frustrated when things seem to move too slowly. Tell your sweetheart about the changes you’d like to make, and enlist them to help you make them happen. You’ll see results before you know it.


Whatever you start today, you’re bound to finish on a successful note. You might as well focus on a long-contemplated money making plan because once you set the ball in motion, there’s no stopping it until you hit a profit.



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