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This can be a time of diplomacy, tact, and compromise. Indeed, you may go out of your way to include everyone even if it’s difficult. This can be a time of fairness, equality, and justice when you’ll be tuned in to the perspectives of others and find it easier to empathize with their joys and troubles. Where romance is concerned, you and your partner may take great pains to include each other in every aspect of your life.

Singles Lovescope

Try taking a different stance when it comes to romance right now. In fact, it might help to apply some of the attitudes you take at work to what you expect from romance. Think in terms of the long view.

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You’re putting in a lot of energy at work, but you may feel like it’s not getting you very far. Share your concern with your partner, and don’t be surprised if they have a solution you hadn’t though of.


You love being the first one — to try a new product, wear a new hairstyle, or use a new phrase. But when it comes to investing your money, it pays to let others be the pioneers. Ride on their coattails instead.



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