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When an authority figure tells you to do something today, do it. Now is not the time to get defensive or ask why. Now is the time to be more obedient. Trust your boss. It’s important to question authority figures in order to be valuable to them, but today isn’t the day for major doubt. The people around you know more than you do, which is probably why they’re asking you to take on more responsibilities. The only way to truly comprehend your abilities is to use them.

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Your high-energy life can be somewhat draining, and it’s now time to pay attention and recharge. Treat yourself to something comforting. You deserve it!

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Think of ways to rejuvenate this relationship. Tactics that go beyond the obvious are especially effective right now. So, ixnay on the candy, flowers, and candlelit dinners. Get creative!


You can understand all ways of handling money because you’ve walked a mile in more than your share of shoe styles in your time. So when you meet someone who mirrors your own financial folly of yore, it’s fun to help them see the error of their ways. In fact, it has you feeling like you’d make quite a good guru if you had the urge to try on those shoes for size.



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