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That decision you’ve been trying to make regarding a certain someone who’s just ambled back into your life? Think about it, especially if you’ve “replaced” them with someone a lot more wonderful and a lot more trustworthy. And don’t make too much of it. Your toughest problem now is to decide what will make you happiest. If you’re honest with yourself, that won’t be hard.

Singles Lovescope

While you’re taking care of work, make sure to check out the dating sites. Possibilities are everywhere! Later, find a new way to make someone else feel better.

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If there’s any tension over who owes who what and how much, now is the time to either settle up or blow it off. Stuff like that doesn’t matter in the long run, but it can cause all kinds of stress in the here and now.


In the old days, when you had too much of a good thing, you would put yourself on some kind of health or fitness routine. You have to do the same with your financial hangover. This is the year.



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