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If you’ve been spending quite a bit of time alone lately, your friends are beginning to worry. The good news is that it’s all about to come to an end. The stars illuminate your newfound urge to get out there and mingle, maybe in some type of class or group. Take advantage of this potent energy. Share yourself with others. It’s only fair. You have so much to give.

Singles Lovescope

Ignite that adventurous, romantic spirit you’re so famous for. It’s time to get out and do something new. Even if it’s not brand-new, make sure it’s new to you. Expanding your boundaries opens up romantic possibilities.

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The path of every relationship gets bumpy occasionally, but those glitches are what make the journey interesting. If your lines of communication are clear, you’ll find the rough patch smooth out before long.


If you could be independently wealthy, would you want to be? Meaningful work is part of what makes life fulfilling, and yes, supporting you and yours is meaningful. Indulge the daydream if you must, but only if it makes you see reality for the gem it is.



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