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How much dust is covering your memorabilia? Do you have books and bills piled all over the place in no special order? That could explain your sour mood. Lift your spirits by making your living and work spaces easier to deal with. It’s shocking how much better you feel when your room, car, and desk are neat and tidy. After you take care of these little pieces, the big picture should be much clearer.

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You’re a survivor, especially when it comes to romance. And although you’ve dumped and been dumped by the best of them, you’ve walked away with some essential lessons. Remember these today when someone dangerously irresistible walks in.

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Before you commit to any big plans, go over all the details. You want things to go smoothly for you and your loved one, so make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re getting into.


It may be slim pickings but that’s to your advantage. Being careful is as important as ever, and you have all the time you need to go over every detail. Don’t sign until you do.



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