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Though you had no idea, the powers that be have been watching carefully for a while now. Don’t worry, though — they should be absolutely delighted with what they’ve seen, and they should make that plain quite soon. Part of the reward is honest pay for honest work, while the rest is a gift — or a reminder that what goes around comes around.

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You’re so rational and evenhanded in your everyday dealings that this person thinks you’re not attracted to them, which is far from the truth. Work on learning to express your emotions to the concerned parties.

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Overthinking things never won anybody the title of World’s Greatest Lover. Stop with the analysis already. It’s time for a little less talk and a lot more action.


Your pride took a big hit, and so did your bank account. Hey, is that coincidental? Not likely. The very thought could be just the relief you need to come up with good financial solutions.



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