Daily Forecast Aries 05-02


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Some days are perfect for bringing big ideas and plans to life. Other days are better suited to taking care of the smaller details. This is one of those other days. Take advantage of the time to get your bills paid and your desk organized. Go through your emails and either archive or delete anything that doesn’t have immediate relevance. Then when the day for big things comes along, you won’t be bogged down by the boring details.

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You have so much to get done and frankly not a lot of time. You might not have any time to stop and flirt with the person at the coffee shop. You might not have time to grab coffee at all.

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Resist the temptation to snoop. Even if you come across your partner’s journal by accident, that doesn’t give you the right to take a peak. Respect their privacy.


The right place for your money need not be unknowable. Spend time figuring it out. You need to count less on insight and more on old fashioned calculating.



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