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Displaying too much aggression will do you more harm than good right now. Try hard to be softer, especially with friends and family members who might not realize that you’re going through some stuff right now. Breathe through the frustration and get your distance from the people who just love pushing your buttons. The good news is that you’ll be around a person who always helps put a smile on your face, so they can help you keep your cool.

Singles Lovescope

Your friends want you to find true love, so why not let them help in your search for the perfect mate? Ask them to set you up on blind dates, or just get their advice on your current crop of crushes.

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Today is the best possible time for the two of you to plan something big together. Your attention to detail combined with your relaxed energy will help you come up with a fantastic plan.


You did your duty and now you’re ready to kick back and relax. Sorry, but that’s not the way the day is going to unfold. You have enough discipline to keep on plodding along when that’s what’s required of you. Remind yourself of the extra money involved, too. That should help motivate you.



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