Daily Forecast Aries 05-16


Aries Daily Forecast

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Your imagination will be fired up today and could cause you to feel a little out of sync with the people in your life. But what’s going on inside your head is far more interesting and enriching than anything going on around you, so don’t worry about missing out. Parties and group activities won’t hold much interest for you. You’ll get a greater satisfaction from being alone with your ideas, a pen, and paper. Jot down your ideas and get lost in your thoughts.

Singles Lovescope

That kernel of creativity you’ve been cultivating for some time is ready to burst to the surface. Your stellar idea calls for a grand entrance. Make your move.

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Things are definitely a little weird right now, and your certain someone may take on an entirely different guise than usual. Is it spooky or is it sexy? Maybe it’s a little bit of both!


You have no use for discipline today. Wake up and take it from there. The day will unfold like a ribbon before you, leading you where it will. Go along for the fun of it without wondering where you’ll end up.



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