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If you’re unsure about what the next step should be in a romantic relationship, look for signs today that indicate what the right path is. They are there. You just need to see them. Doubting yourself is absolutely normal, and it has given you the healthy skepticism to recognize a solid thing when you see it. Just don’t be too rough on people who are putting pressure on you. They care about you and want you to succeed. They just haven’t figured out how to show you.

Singles Lovescope

Reply to those messages (or send some new ones) first thing in the morning, while your creative energy is waxing and luck is on your side. By late afternoon, you may be quite focused on work.

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Are you able to predict what your partner is about to say before they say it? Try not to spook them by blurting it out before they get a chance to. Your intuition is off the charts, though.


You’re reaching the point where it all just seems impossible. Your momentum is gone and you’re ready to lay down and give up. Don’t. You’re simply slowly and steadily climbing a hill. It may the first hill of a roller coaster ride, but you’re definitely going up.



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