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You’re constantly evolving as a person, which means you’re also constantly evolving in your opinions. Changing your mind about controversial issues or politics isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re weak or just going along with whatever someone else is telling you to believe. As long as you’re revising your thoughts based on facts and not external pressure, you’re being true to yourself. Don’t be shy about switching sides if that’s the right thing to do.

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Be sure to add a little sensitivity to your directness now. You can easily impress someone new just by letting them do things their way as you help them to take care of their own needs first and foremost.

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The passion continues in the form of a day filled with playful flirtation. Keep the mood light as you fill the hours with gentle teasing and tender romance.


It probably won’t help you figure out how to get out of hot water but you’ll be meeting lots of people in your boat. That has some intrinsic value, even if you all end up taking a bath together.



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