Daily Forecast Aries 06-09


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Try to keep as busy as possible doing nothing today. What you need more than anything else is some serious downtime, with no interruptions from anyone. Make whatever excuses you have to, as long as you can be sure you get to spend some time just puttering around the house or garden. Try not to clear anything off your to-do list except for the big, underlined item that just reads “relax”!

Singles Lovescope

Graciously accept the admiration a prospective date offers you. Your immediate instinct is to say that it wasn’t much, but be truthful. It took a lot of effort! You don’t have to worry about getting a big head.

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Admit it, you tend blurt things out without thinking. This could get you in a bit of hot water with your partner when something you say hurts feelings. Offer up a heartfelt apology and smooth things over.


If you really can’t suppress how you feel, then at least spare those around you any big fireworks displays. Whether it’s wailing in agony or jumping for joy, no one wants to witness your emotional clearing.



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