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You can change the minds of some very important people and get what you want. All it requires is some quick reasoning and cold logic. It’s a good thing you have tons of both to spare! You can enlighten these people about the facts of the situation without sounding like you’re lecturing them. These folks like your style and want to hear what you have to say. Once you start talking, they’ll start listening.

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Having patience helps your chances of finding true love. If you try to rush Cupid along, you could end up settling for dullsville instead of dynamite. Love has its own way of showing up when you least expect it, so quit checking your watch.

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Change can be difficult, but when you present your ideas to your loved one in a positive light, they’ll want to get on board with them. Your enthusiasm will make a big difference.


Your opinions are changeable, and it’s a good thing, too. Don’t hang onto something just because you once thought it was a moneymaker. When to cut your losses is the only issue to consider.



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