Daily Forecast Aries 06-15


Aries Daily Forecast

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Your brain has more creativity in it than you’ve been using lately, and today it might be too much to bear! To ease the pressure, put a little bit of creative flair into everything you do. Dress with a little more color. Make your salutations a little bit more remarkable than “hello.” Spice up your e-mails to friends with rhymes or quotes. Imagination has been missing from your life lately, so add some today!

Singles Lovescope

You may be all over the map when it comes to a certain romantic option. If you give it a little bit more brainpower and let your intuition help, what to do next should be obvious.

Couple Lovescope

Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered might describe your state of heart right now, and you probably sort of like it. When you’re ready, sit down with your partner and separate fact from fiction.


The last thing you need on a day off is for someone you think of as a friend to act like your boss. They’re not getting the message, though. You can be blunt but your best course of action is to steer clear altogether. Save the weirdness for when money is involved.



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