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You want to live your life your own way, but are you willing to pay the price? Being independent means that sometimes you have to be ready for your reputation to be bruised a little bit. But wouldn’t you rather be known as someone who occasionally breaks the rules than as someone who always does everything they’re told to do? Stop making choices based on how it will make you look in the eyes of others. Just go your own way and accept the consequences.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes, if it seems too good to be true, it really is. While your crush may seem perfect on the outside, they’re still a human with faults. Be wary of charmers and players.

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You may need to advise your sweetie on something they’re usually the expert in, but you should be able to put a positive spin on it. They might be more down-to-earth than you are now.


Think, think, think! You need to come up with the right answer, before you run out of options. Don’t let yourself waste time socializing and being frivolous. A party now, as tempting as it seems, would definitely not be money well spent.



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