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The way you two met was magical. They know it and you know it. Just about everything that’s happened since also seems to have carried that lovely, magical tone too. So today, when one or both of you suddenly feel the touch of the green-eyed monster, don’t you dare let that endanger what you’ve got. A little bit of jealousy (a very, very little bit) can be a compliment. It means you love someone enough to value them. A lot means you’re insecure. Know where to draw the line.

Singles Lovescope

You need a more dynamic online profile to get your love life on track. The right one can grab the interest of the right someone. When you access the right tools, practically nothing is beyond your reach.

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Your partner is going to expect you to help out or stand by in some way that might not sit right with you, but try to be flexible anyway. You’ll earn a lot of brownie points you can use later on.


When people don’t come from the same angle, it’s hard to side step hurt feelings. But the amounts you spend don’t have to be exactly the same for your relationships to work. The outcome is up to you.



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