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The answer to what you seek is elsewhere at the moment, so stop the frantic searching and sit still for a while. When big decisions come along, it’s easy to simply thrash around and get too caught up in the drama to pay attention to what actually matters: how you feel. Rather than asking for advice (which might just confuse you more than it helps you right now), ask yourself what it is you really want.

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You’re ready to bolt off the starting line today, but everyone else is still crawling out of bed. Don’t be so quick to take all the glory. Be patient and wait for the others to catch up. Some things require teamwork.

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You’ve got to spend some of today’s energy on your physical and mental health, and it’s a great idea to work on it with your partner. You can inspire each other to greatness, and keep each other honest.


Somehow, cleaning up doesn’t hold the same appeal now that you’re connecting with others. Whenever someone makes money, someone else loses it. That includes you.



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