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Love has been in the air lately. You, of course, specialize in this subject, even when it comes to making sure your friends are realistically happy and that they truly will be forever spoiled with love and attention from the person in question. If they’re pouting because you haven’t given your wholehearted blessing just yet, don’t be swayed. After all, you have to protect your loved ones like they’re children sometimes, especially when they’re in love. Continue investigating.

Singles Lovescope

As you search for your next relationship partner, look beneath the surface of your potential wooers. While some may seem like a perfect match, it could just be for show. First impressions aren’t always the most revealing.

Couple Lovescope

Compromise can be beautiful. Those legendary power struggles between you could be back in full force. Try to choose a course of action that leads to permanent peace.


You long for something familiar but you have something altogether alien to deal with. You’ll feel like you’re back in your own life soon, but for now, simply focus on dealing with the craziness of the numbers you have to work with.



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