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Cancer Daily Forecast

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You have an enviable problem to deal with today: the need to divide your time between the adoring attention of your sweetheart, your family, and your friends. Sure, it’s going to be tough, and yes, you’ll need lots of TLC to get through it, but don’t feel too bad about it if your dear ones aren’t quite as sympathetic as you’d hoped they would be. After all, there really are worse problems than having too many people who care about you.

Singles Lovescope

Someone’s attempt to get your attention is a major misfire. Instead of pointing it out, ignore it and discreetly tell them thanks, but no thanks. They’ll appreciate your kindness and back down.

Couple Lovescope

Today, you might be struck by an impulse to do something radical. Don’t think about it. Just do it! Your partner loves your spontaneity and can’t help getting swept up in it.


You’re gearing up to deal with older relatives, in your own special way. If that means working even harder than ever, then so be it. You’ll reap the rewards of your efforts whether they’re based on avoidance or not.



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