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There’s a strong sense of pride coming through in your life today, and this is not a temporary phase. It’s a sign that you’re gaining more self-assurance and shaping yourself into a capable, self-actualized person. Someone you respect deeply has been listening to you more closely than ever, and today they may ask for your input on an important dilemma. This is a test of your confidence, and you won’t fail. Speak firmly and make sure they realize how flattered you are by their trust.

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Plans you make now are highly auspicious, so get your social calendar all sorted out! Taking a certain relationship to the next level by delivering a sweet invite is definitely called for.

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Lazing about may be where your partner’s at, but you’ll be happiest moving on a new project that’ll keep your hands and mind busy. Once you’ve gotten a good start, you’ll be ready for some relaxation.


You’re thinking about an issue the way a dog chews on a bone. But no matter how hard you dig in, you just can’t get very far with it. Some mysteries are never solved and some are deciphered years after the fact. You may have to hang this one up for now and move on to more profitable endeavors.



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