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It’s time for you to be clearer about what you can and can’t do for the people in your life who are asking for your help. This applies to both your personal and business lives, but it’s much more relevant to work right now. Some people might be asking you to do things that they have plenty of time to do themselves. You always assume the best in people, but not everyone deserves this generosity.

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Don’t let your impulsivity get the best of you today. Before you call or message, consider your words. Is this really what you want to say? Think about the other person’s point of view and tailor your words accordingly.

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You can’t help it: You have to speak your mind even though your partner may not be in a receptive mood. Once they realize your intentions are good, they’ll try to hear you out. Be diplomatic nonetheless.


Warm and fuzzy feelings are hiding an ugly truth. It’s hard not to get involved when the scenario presented has more to do with pretty pictures than money, but keep your eyes focused on the money. Remind yourself that this is a business deal, not a marriage proposal.



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