Daily Forecast Cancer 05-11


Cancer Daily Forecast

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There are a lot of different options for you now, but you need to take things slowly. Gradual transitions are much more advantageous than abrupt changes because they give you time to adjust and maintain balance in your life. If you swing from extreme to extreme, you’ll spend so much energy trying to get back on an even footing that any time you’ve saved by acting fast will go to waste. “Slow and steady” beats “fast and frantic” every time.

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You’re in such a good mood that even your chores seem like party games now. Put that energy to good use by taking a cute selfie and updating your online profile.

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Others look to you for answers, and so does your partner, so take their requests for help seriously. Your opinion won’t matter if it’s insincere.


Just because a certain loathsome thing happens with regularity doesn’t mean you’ll ever get used to it. Like death and taxes, you have something you can count on but wish you didn’t. Don’t worry about it, though. That’s giving it more interest on your debt than the thing deserves.



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