Daily Forecast Cancer 05-12


Cancer Daily Forecast

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You could meet people today whose views are very, very different from yours. They have a lot of convincing things to say in defense of the other side of the argument. So convincing, in fact, that you might start to rethink your own position. This is only natural, and you should definitely explore what these people are telling you in more depth. You should also be open to the idea that you could be working under an incorrect assumption or basing your opinion on false evidence.

Singles Lovescope

An old routine can lose its appeal after a while. Why not switch up your exercise route a bit? A new running or bicycling spot might offer an opportunity to meet someone new.

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Plan an outing with your sweetie that includes a trip to an antique store. Browsing objects with a history may give you an opportunity to talk about your future. Keep it lighthearted, this day should be fun.


Remember when you were dreaming about change? You know what they say about being careful what you wish for. If this isn’t the change you had in mind, don’t waste time on regrets. Start turning lemons into lemonade.



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