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You’re ordinarily quite respectful of people, especially if they’re your elders or your friends. But no matter who it is, if you see think they’re trying to interfere with your relationship at this particular moment in time, whether they be friend, foe, family, or stranger, you just won’t stand for it. And you’ll make it your business to make them stop immediately. Try to be gentle.

Singles Lovescope

You may be questioning where you’re headed. Is this new person really right for you? If you feel that things may be a bit mismatched, it’s likely time for you to move on.

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Are you unconsciously playing judge and jury with your partner’s actions? Think how uncomfortable that makes them, and halt any tendency you have toward micromanaging their actions.


It’s hard to hear unsolicited advice, much less take it, but even though someone is talking out of turn, they have something valuable to tell you. Try to keep an open mind about what they have to say, even while you resent them for saying it.



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