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You’re smart enough to know that you have to be careful in business deals, so don’t listen when someone encourages you to “go for broke” and dive headfirst into a shady-sounding enterprise. Even if you are tempted by their promises of easy money, don’t listen to them. This person is insulting your intelligence by thinking that you don’t know that nothing in life is free, but they’re probably not as savvy as you are. They don’t know what they’re talking about, so educate them.

Singles Lovescope

Friends and family are happy to see you getting back into the dating scene. But make sure you’re following your heart and not the expectations you think people have for you. Find your best match, not theirs.

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What’s better than money? Harmony. What’s even better? Harmony and money. Today, you’ll be showered with the former and the lucky recipient of just enough of the latter.


Others are impressed with you and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, too. Use this period to make some serious advances on a longstanding project that has gotten behind. You need good opinions to push forward.



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