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Even if you feel pressured to spend money today, avoid doing so. So what if friends are buying new gadgets or planning luxury vacations? Tell them to have fun without you. You need to keep yourself as far away from spending temptations as possible. Being tight with money isn’t a bad thing right now, and you’re quite clever about figuring out ways to pinch pennies here and there. Use your creativity to save your cash!

Singles Lovescope

Not so fast. Don’t throw in the towel because you and your date had a spat during your second outing. Sure, it could be an omen of toxic things to come; then again, it could be a matter of extenuating circumstances like a bad day or stress. Give it one more date before you call it quits.

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Sure, everything looks lovely through those rose-colored glasses, but there’s something in your relationship that you need to see for what it is. Clear your head and your vision and take another look.


You’ve lost so much in the last year that one more thing can hardly make a difference. But that’s not a truth you want to know for sure. Lay low if you want to keep what you still have.



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