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Most people respond to a tragic situation by looking at the bright side. You’re smart enough to know when it makes more sense to face reality. Get rid of the things that are muddying the waters and clouding your thoughts. This might include unsolicited advice, excess chatter or unnecessary information. Let your mantra be “simplify, simplify, simplify,” and watch as clarity follows.

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Stagnation is not an option. There’s an obvious opportunity for a romantic connection right before your eyes. Try to see your life as if you were your own best friend. Then point out what you need to do and do it soon.

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A little change from the regular routine makes for a lot of romance now. What about an early morning walk together? Meeting for lunch? Revisiting the site of your first date?


If you’re having a hard time balancing the books, it’s time to explore some options. Make sure the only ones on your list meet the high ideal test, or at the very list, pass the smell test.



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