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Making a sacrifice is never very much fun, but if you give in to someone else’s demands, you’ll make things a lot easier on yourself. Every conflict you encounter isn’t a battle to be won. Some of them are just hazards you have to maneuver through as safely as you can. However, if someone is asking you to give up something for the sake of a relationship, make sure that’s not just their way of asking you to give up something for their sake. Don’t relent too soon.

Singles Lovescope

Let your soft inner voice speak its piece about the state of your heart (and your love life). You need to settle down and listen up, so try asking yourself the right question and meditating for a while.

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The next few weeks are ideal for taking on new projects. This could be a great time to start something big with your partner. Working on a grand project together is a great way to bring you closer.


When you’re itching to take action of some kind, your instinct is to buy something new. That would be wasting both money and energy since you already have everything you need to accomplish the tasks at hand. A new computer won’t help motivate you.



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