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After days or maybe even weeks of rooting around trying to find someone you can truly get close to, you’ll be more than happy with today’s events. The Universe has seen fit to get you connected with someone who will be able to let their hair down, become truly intimate, and partner up. Ready? Because this is the real thing. Of course, you can’t win if you don’t play. So, if you know someone who answers this description, make sure you’re with them. If you don’t, get dressed and prepare to mingle.

Singles Lovescope

You can’t hurry love, so quit pushing! Patience might not be your best trait, but you need to relax and not rush through life to find a partner. It’ll happen sooner than you think.

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Don’t feel bad if you’re too caught up in your own feelings and issues to help Honey with theirs. Every relationship ebbs and flows, and you’ve been flowing pretty well for awhile.


It’s a hard day, but at least it’s not because of any weird undercurrents. The source of this kind of stress is right out in the open for all the world to see. In fact, plenty others suffer with you.



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