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When you least expect it (which just might be now, the way the stars are looking), someone you haven’t heard from in forever could visit, extend an invitation from right out of the blue, or reenter your life quite suddenly with all kinds of niceties, from actual gifts to apologies to sudden offers to give your relationship a second try. If you’re unsure (and at this point it’s hard to imagine being sure about anything), don’t say anything other than “let me think about it.”

Singles Lovescope

If your regular way of approaching matters of the heart feels a little old-fashioned, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. That said, you might want to shake things up from time to time.

Couple Lovescope

Like a bud waiting to bloom, you’ve got a lot of potential inside you. Let your partner’s belief in you give you the confidence to show the world you’re something really special.


Change isn’t going to come hunting you down, especially since you’re not particularly open to it. You may think you’re ready to shake things up, but you’re hanging on for dear life to the same old, same old. Don’t waste time daydreaming about a future you’re not willing to usher in.



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