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You’re taking care of business in your usual conscientious, disciplined manner, and you’re exceedingly pragmatic and grounded right now. So grounded, in fact, that with your nose to the grindstone like that you might just miss some very enjoyable socializing of the romantic variety. Get your nose out of your work and your projects every so often to check out the human element around you, and one human in particular.

Singles Lovescope

Follow up with that new hottie this morning, and keep your message mysteriously short and sweet. Communication might be fuzzy later today, so chat with care.

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The cosmic influences play up romance, sensuality, and indulgence. You and your partner have it made in the shade. Just make sure you coordinate your schedules and check in so the fun can start on time.


The only way to get through this lean time is with discipline. Those that didn’t discipline themselves earlier are having it done for them. If you already have that quality, then look at this period as just another way to exercise it.



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