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Sure, you’ve built up a lot of good karma over the past few months, but you can’t stand there tapping your toes, waiting for the big payback to come. If you’re doing that right now, you’re missing the point of being selfless. Don’t do things for others because you think it will earn you something in return. Do things for other people because it brings you happiness or heartfelt warmth. Reach out when there is nothing material in it for you.

Singles Lovescope

Remember that cutie you met on your last vacation? They’ve been thinking about you too! Expect to hear from them in the next couple of days. If you feel a spark, don’t let the distance stand in your way.

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Now is a great time for you to sit down with your partner and talk about the issues that are most important to you. It doesn’t matter if they have nothing to do with your relationship. Just be real with each other.


Cash is not the most attractive thing on the planet for a change. You’re interested in all things emotional today. Art, beauty, music — as long as it’s not about money, it glitters in your eyes.



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