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You need to stick with the plan today. Even just a slight change in your daily routine could create a big problem for your upcoming plans. Your schedule might be flexible, but your friends’ schedules definitely aren’t. Before rearranging any group plans, make sure you touch base with everyone and get their okay. You can’t assume that they can move their dates around the way you can. If you do, you could spark some resentment or controversy.

Singles Lovescope

A particular detail concerning someone’s personality shines clearly for now, which could be good or bad. Maintain objectivity and sort through all the wild implications.

Couple Lovescope

Your feelings toward your lover are incredibly intense today. Let them know what’s on your mind and how you’d like to express it. Be prepared to be amazed by their response.


Yes, a lot is being lost, but something way more precious is being found. You’ll re-connect with someone long distance, and the facts they reveal are more valuable to you than gold.



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