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It’s no coincidence that emotions have always been your specialty. You know how to express them no matter where you are or who happens to be watching, because it never occurs to you to hold them back. After all, aren’t feelings the best part of being human? Well, that’s debatable, from some points of view, but at any rate, when a very strong feeling hits you now, you won’t think twice before expressing it. You won’t even want to.

Singles Lovescope

Take time to look at this situation closely. While finding romance is always on your mind, you could be passing by new opportunities without even realizing it! Keep just one eye on the prize and the other on your environment.

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You don’t have to always be seeking out new adventures. Enjoy some old favorites with your sweetheart and laugh about happy memories.


Discipline and structure are the last things you want to impose on yourself today, but they’re what you need if you want to accomplish anything. Do what it takes to reign yourself in.



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