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If someone seems like they’re being a little too critical about something you say or do today, try not to take it personally. Take it for what it is: honesty. You can’t blame another person for saying what they think. They’re giving you credit for being a person whose ego can handle it. If you value their opinion, you value it for a reason. Don’t start doubting their judgment now just because they might not be telling you what you want to hear.

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Pick up that brush, get out the modeling clay, and blow the dust off that screenplay. The stars say that reenergizing your creative energies won’t just pick up your spirits, it’ll give you a new chance at love.

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A strong sense of self is admirable, but don’t go overboard patting yourself on the back. Your partner could use a few kudos too, so say congrats to something more than just your mirror.


Keep your head down because bullets are flying. The numbers are going to be impossible to misunderstand, and you don’t want to make eye contact with anyone today. All that discipline comes in handy because you already know how to stay focused on the task at hand. Focus like a laser beam.



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