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Your uncomfortable emotions are often the most educational emotions, so when you’re feeling the urge to flee the room, stay put and listen. Just because someone is voicing an opinion you don’t agree with doesn’t mean that what they’re saying isn’t illuminating or legitimate. Even if all you learn is that you detest everything this person stands for, you’ll still be better off staying and listening than you would be taking off. Don’t close yourself off from new experiences.

Singles Lovescope

For your next date, you need to plan something informal and full of fun. Try something laid back like a long walk through the park or wandering through a gallery. Let your inner child make things happen and let the games begin.

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Sure, dive right in today if you want, but the waters of love and feelings could be a bit choppy. Bring a flotation device along just in case.


You’ve read Great Expectations one too many times. Instead of waiting for an unexpected check, you should have been slowly and steadily socking away some savings all these years. By the time your windfall actually arrives, you’ll already be behind by default. It’s not too late to give up on your fantasies and get to work.



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