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Weigh in today — your opinion really counts! Now it’s time to show others how valuable your thoughts are, even if you have to start by valuing them yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to shut anyone down or be disrespectful, of course. If you really respect your own opinion, you should be able to listen to what others have to say. Once it’s your turn, speak up and speak firmly. You’ll make quite an impression.

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Entertain a seemingly crazy idea. Let yourself get talked into something, or almost. Try a new cuisine, activity, or whatever else you’re certain you won’t like. You’re wrong, and the results are fantastic.

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An outing to the farmers market or produce stand yields all sorts of fresh goodies for the two of you to transform into a gorgeous dinner. Be creative and have fun collaborating on more than the cooking!


It’s time to start over, at least in one important area. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater has never been such a good idea. You’ll never manage to recoup your losses if you persist anyway, so give up and start fresh.



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